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In other genres, readers are willing to pay very different prices. In erotica, a common practice is to charge .99 for short stories, and rely on borrows through Kindle Unlimited to actually make money.Readers put up with this because it’s smut, and they don’t care what the price is because they’re getting their reads for “free.” In most other genres, if you charge more than 99c for a short story, you will either get 0 sales or be vilified in reviews — unless, of course, you already have a fan base that will snap up everything you write.Having one book free to entice readers to try out your work can be a powerful marketing tool.But keep in mind, all I can give you in these posts on “starting out as an indie author” are tips based on my own experience.Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when determining the prices for your e Books: – What royalties will the price point earn you per book? ” The variables for that are so huge, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to try and base your pricing decisions on that.There have been several surveys done on what readers are willing to pay, such as that by the Fussy Librarian.That may be a decision that is costing me sales in the long run and that I will eventually have to revise, but for now I am trying to find other ways of getting eyeballs on my big books.Conclusion For the most part, I think it is safe to say that readers expect e Book prices to be lower than for a standard paperback.

But you and I are never going to earn anything off of the 9.4% of readers who only download free books (and those are only the 9.4% who admit it.) Ebook Royalties One of the first things to take into consideration when pricing your book is: What percentage are you as an author going to earn of the cover price?Once you’ve written your book, had it beta-read, edited, proof-read, what have you; once you’ve got a great, eye-catching cover and gripping book description; once you’ve formatted the interior (or had someone do it for you) so that your book looks professional on an e Reader; after all that, then you are ready to publish.Only: what price are you going to charge for your book?(As an indie author, you are the publisher and what you earn from your books are not royalties, strictly speaking, but for the sake of simplicity, I will use it as an umbrella term for the percentage the author earns from a sale.) Here is a breakdown according to e Book retailer: Most retailers require that you set the price the same with them as with all other stores where you sell the e Book.From this table, it’s fairly obvious that the best price range for your book is between .99 and .99.

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