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The conditions for a visit by a male religious are very severe; according to some authors he can only receive permission if he is a blood relation to the first or second degree, and then only four times a year.Further, although an irregular visit on the part of a lay person or secular priest does not constitute a grave a fault, any visit without leave is a mortal sin for the religious.

A convent is defined as a building which serves as a fixed dwelling-place where religious live according to their rule.Under no pretext may the sisters go outside their cloister without a legitimate cause approved of by the bishop. If the convent be under the jurisdiction of regulars, outsiders who need to enter the cloister probably require only one permission, that of the regular superior, except where custom requires also the permission of the bishop or of his delegate (St. This permission, whether coming from the bishop or from the regular superior, should be in writing, according to the wording of the law ; but an oral permission is sufficient to avoid the censure (St. However, cloistered nuns are not absolutely forbidden all intercourse with the outside world.Such is the legislation of the Council of Trent (Sess. They may of course receive letters; they may also receive visitors in the convent parlour, provided that they they remain behind the grating, or grille, erected there.Before establishing a women's convent with cloister, it is the desire of the Holy See -- if it be not a condition of validity -- that the beneplacitum Apostolicum should be obtained; this is a certain obligation for countries, like the United States, which are subject to the Constitution of Leo XIII "Romanos Pontifices", 8 May, 1881. Without keeping rigorously to this enumeration, we may say that an analogous necessity is always required in order that the bishop may accord the permission. Hence general permissions are given to doctors, confessors, workmen, and others. It should be observed that girl-boarders are subject to this legislation.(See also the Letter of 7 Dec., 1901, of the Congregation of Propaganda.) Formal Clausura Obstacle to Egress. The nuns who transgress this law incur an excommunication reserved absolutely to the Holy See ("Apost. The confessor of the nuns has this permission in virtue of his office, so also the bishop who must make the canonical visitation , and the regular superior. Benedict XIV, Lehmkuhl, and Piat, basing their view on the jurisprudence of the congregation of the Council, hold that the bishops permission is always required. Hence the solemnly professed nuns who wish to occupy themselves with the education of the young must be provided with a pontifical indult.

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