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Internationally, Degrassi: The Next Generation has been highly successful in the US, where it is aired on channels such as Teen Nick, MTV, and ABC Family, as well as being aired in 140 countries.It was announced on June 2, 2011, that Much Music renewed Degrassi for a 12th season to consist of 40 episodes.Jie aptarinėja ne tik pasimatymus, pašėlusius vakarėlius ar padauginto alkoholio kiekį.Vaikinams ir merginoms iš šios mokyklos tenka išgyventi artimųjų netektį, neretai reikia atsigauti iš prievartos ir smurto, išmokti pakantumo sužinojus, kad draugas homoseksualus.

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The series has been syndicated on cable television, and episodes are available on DVD and in new media download formats from Puretracks, the i Tunes Store, and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The three plot format was introduced after Season 4, previously only featuring two.

The majority of episodes are named after songs from the 1980s and since the tenth season, episodes are named after songs from the 2000s.

The montages behind the characters depicting a major event in that character's storyline.

For the eighth season, the show abandoned the style of titles used for the previous two seasons and returned to the original form of showing the characters at school while participating in school-related activities.

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