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And since they were just spotted together in NYC today, just the two of them w/o Quinto's boytoy, who knows.

But it would be a shame if Groff cannot move on to a more healthy relationship.

But then I fell in love for the first time after the show, and I thought ‘Well, I’d rather be out and be in love with this person than try to hide it for any job I had when I came out,’ so I just said fuck it.”“Being in love was more powerful than any job I’d had before,” adds Groff, who came out publicly at the National Equality March in D. Groff’s way of dealing with the drama was by refusing to take part in any of the Internet celebrity culture.“I heard from friends of friends or whatever that like, ‘This picture was online’ or ‘I saw you and Zach walking down the street.’ So I’d know that things like that existed, but I don’t ever look at it.”Currently, Groff is single and living in—where else?

Groff was a fan of Haigh’s breakout film Weekend and considers the cast and crew of Looking to be part of his family. From what I've heard ZQ treated him like shit and was unfaithful on top of that. It's just so odd to me to have a famous person who has literally no bad stories about them/ rumors. Of *course* we've had been a number of bad stories about Groff.

“We’ve evolved socially in a way I’ve never had on the job,” Groff says. (You may remember him as the doomed Russo from the first season of House of Cards.)“We had a potentially almost romantic scene, but then it turned out to be not romantic,” Groff says of filming C. G., a movie based on a David Sedaris short story, with Stoll. I'm glad someone who's relatively innocent and sweet has been able to make a career for themselves, and not just that, but being able to work while being out of the closet. He seems like a sweet guy, but he's not much of an actor. The main ones were 3-4 years ago at a time when he was drinking heavily (and his booze bloat was amply visible during some of his "Glee" appearances) and apparently whoring his way around the UK.

He does seem like a really sweet guy, too nice to settle for someone who lied to him on a regular basis.

R87, not sure but it doesn't seem like he dates anyone specific.

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