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Be it a weekend road trip to a nearby beach, or a three-week trip through Transylvania, or a five-month trip through South America, I'm travelling with every chance I have.

2006 was not only the year I became a traveller, but it was also the year I joined the You Tube community as a vlogger.I also advise you to click the "my dates are flexible" button when checking flights, because sometimes there can be a large change in price just a day or two around your chosen date.Also remember that flights on weekends are usually much more expensive than weekday flights.It also turned me into a traveller for life, as I realized anyone can make their dreams come true, and that just about anyone can travel if they can make it a priority.I now work to travel, and visit somewhere new with every chance I have.

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    Maks, 32, did become engaged — to fellow dancer Karina Smirnoff — in 2009, but the romance quickly flamed out, creating an awkward work environment “There is bad blood,” he told The Post last year.