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There is also a significant amount of evidence suggesting that the plow was first used in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian art displaying men with early versions of the implement being drawn by oxen are plentiful.

Ancient Egypt is one on the oldest civilizations in the world and it was also home to many of the ancient world’s greatest achievements.

This was hundreds of years before the creation of the Christian Gregorian calendar (which is somewhat more accurate and is still used in most parts of the world today.) The ancients of Egypt are also known for making other timekeeping devices.

The ancient Egyptian glass cutters and goldsmiths were quite famous in their time.

Written literature, especially poetry, abounded too. It has also been argued that the Egyptians were the first people to adopt recognizable artistic forms.

The life-giving Nile, the longest river on Earth, runs through Egypt.

Each year it flooded, depositing fresh and fertile soil along its banks.

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