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Along with it, the weekly "Jerzday" Thursday ritual — for anyone that still watched.The end of an era (since 2009, drawing ire in the comments section below).

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Oddly enough, this was Snooki's most dignified moment the entire episode.

Deena, too, mends fences with Sammi, and with a patron pledge and high-five, their bond is sealed and Sammi's redemption is almost complete. Night of a Hundred Skanks The "we're single" atmosphere was crackling as the gang readied for a night at Karma: In addition to Sammi and Ron, JWOWW and Tom were on "rocky conditions" (which sounds like the name of a stripper he may have hooked up with the night before), and Pauly D was promising to break out a brand-new fist-pump! ) and flashbacks within flashbacks within dreams that the episode started to feel like .

And as soon as we got to Karma, we were treated to so many faces from the past (Roger! Thankfully, a blurred-out crotch shot of Deena falling off the stage was our totem, and we were kicked back to reality. The Saddest Bar Floor in America JWOWW confessed to ex-flame Roger that she often checked his Facebook relationship status, a possible plug for the script she's developing, . Vinny, Pauly, and Mike return home with girls whose DTF-O-METERs are at record levels.

While it didn't quite have the emotional heft of her getting punched in the face in season one, it was no less dramatic.

JWOWW and Deena did everything they could to save ... but alas, the Jersey Shore's finest cuffed poor, misunderstood Nicole and charged her for disorderly conduct.

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