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”On February 2016, Adri ordered six bottles of minoxidil, each of which costs Rp 150,000 (approx. He routinely applied the supplement on his face until July, after which his face bush became so impressive that he was invited to appear in a video interview for Mister Brewok’s Youtube channel to talk about his beard growth success.

Now, Adri enjoys a somewhat modest celebrity status on social media.

Mister Brewok’s real name is Fariz Gamal, a Jakarta resident who studies Chinese Literature at Universitas Indonesia.

But his real passion, or, more accurately, obsession, is growing facial hair.

It’s an obsession that drove him to create and continually expand one of Indonesia’s best-known online shops selling facial hair growth supplements.

Fariz never would’ve grown a beard had it not been for the very supplements that he sells.

That turned out to be a blessing for Fariz because soon his friends on campus were jostling to buy the US-imported minoxidil from him. He now employs nine people – marketers, packagers, social media admins – to help run his enterprise.

His rapidly growing business, he believes, signifies that beard growth is a top fashion trend among Indonesian men at the moment.“Whatever’s trending in Hollywood and among soccer players, that becomes a reference point for Indonesian men.

Mister Brewok’s Instagram page, which currently has 24,000 followers (which Fariz said are all real accounts, not bots), is neatly organized and looks very professional, with many posts not only showing photos of his products but also countless testimonies from satisfied customers, many of whom share convincing before and after photos.

More recently, Malaysian Instagram celebrity Wak Doyok was able to parlay his impressive facial hair into big bucks by coming out with his own all-natural beard growth cream, which has also become hugely popular in Indonesia. For those who are truly serious about growing a great beard, there’s minoxidil.

The chemical, which is intended to prevent hair loss and/or promote regrowth, has also been hailed by many a former baby-faced Indonesian as the solution to all of their problems.

I told people I was genetically predisposed to growing a beard, and that it had just started to grow,” he said.

But a couple of his close friends knew of his secret and word quickly spread.

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