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He gestures towards the ocean and says: 'This is where Nicole was raised and where she first stood on a surfboard.Love in the fast lane: Nicole's busy lifestyle has pushed her into the spotlight and means she has to jet around the world to see Lewis, while racking up huge phone bills so they can talk to each other every day Perhaps one of the reasons the Hamilton-Scherzinger union works so well is that both come from multiracial and working-class families.

It is those mixed origins that help explain her striking appearance - and that colourful list of names.

So it was that, as Cheryl Cole licked her wounds by the pool at the five-star Sunset Marquis Hotel in LA last week, no doubt plotting how to salvage her career, Nicole found herself on a glossy magazine photoshoot to promote the American X Factor.

Strolling along the white sandy beach a stone's throw from his modest home in the sleepy Hawaiian beach town of Nanakuli, an hour's drive from the big hotels and tourist hotspot of Waikiki, Nicole's father is in no doubt as to where his daughter's true interests lie.

Alfonso, 52, met the man whom he refers to as 'my future son-in-law' for the first time last summer, when the couple spent a week holidaying on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the place where Nicole was born and spent the first six years of her life.

Frustrated in an under-performing Mc Laren team, the former world champion has found his gung-ho driving style subject to unprecedented criticism from racing greats including Sir Jackie Stewart, who spoke of his ' questionable moves', and Niki Lauda, who claimed: 'He's a danger to his peers.' Hamilton is based in Geneva, hundreds of miles from his parents in the Home Counties, and it has been suggested that a life lived largely on his own can only exacerbate the huge mental strains of racing at 180mph-plus.

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