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Great salary and benefits With a solid selection of health insurance options, FSA, 401k, equity, and even a gym membership, you’ll be in good hands at Zoosk.

We trust you, even on vacation If you and your manager agree on your time off, you’re free to go.

Get your brain ready Clear your mind and be ready to answer questions about yourself and what you’ve done—and don’t forget to have some questions for us too dating site resources.

That’s worth a whole lot, and it makes coming into work every day way more fun.

We also have Hack Days twice a year, with about 20 projects from each that we build and incorporate into our products.

Zoosk s open culture makes it so easy to approach people and discuss ideas and solutions.

There is a ton of opportunity to do interesting and new projects and challenge yourself on a daily basis.

There is a culture of really intelligent people who work hard.

Best of all, a huge number of employees get promoted each year—even our CEO is homegrown talent.

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