Studio mastering online dating

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Sometimes you have to be a bit of a brave person and say ‘this mix is great’ or ‘this mix is unusable,’ otherwise a robot could sit here and do this. The rest of it; what sort of gear you have or what sort of converters you use, that’s personal.”Gear is personal. Inevitably, the discovery that a certain piece of gear created a certain sound—which in turn gave us a certain feeling—creates a desire for that piece of gear.Or at the very least, access to it.“That’s one of the exciting things about the online mastering,” says Wright.It’s just better to connect with the actual music, and the artist behind it.If I were to smash out something really loud thinking that’s what [the artist] wanted, they might come straight back and say, ‘Why have you done that?

And now as we stumble blurry-eyed into 2018, we can’t help but feel a tad reflective and look back on the year that’s ...One of the companies making the most waves (get it?) and touting the newest technology is LANDR, a product from Mix Genius.We saw this technology a couple of years ago in audio plugin format, but these new companies are upload-and-go – all you need is the file.Some are free and others cost only a couple of dollars a track, which is very inexpensive especially if you consider that professional mastering can cost hundreds of dollars. Is it worth cutting corners on this piece of the process? I decided to test two popular instant mastering sites against a professional mastering job and review the results.

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