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She studied in a fashion school but later dropped out.Throughout her 15 years of publishing, she wrote over 10 series in Ribon.Everything seemed perfect till the moment Jun went to Nino's bedroom to be sure the other hadn't forgotten anything. According to Nino they were of no importance; old...That day they would finally start a new chapter in their relationship, in their very own apartment. Inside there were letters, all written and sent from the same person; Ohno Satoshi. but how can a letter sent two weeks ago be considered old?Ohno Satoshi knows that he loves his band members, but he's never really thought of them in the way they have apparently been thinking of him.

When they discover a strange new app that combines the rent-a-room-on-the-cheap business model of Airbnb with the hook-up mentality of Tinder, their lives will never be the same. He doesn't have the best expectations when it comes to his new school and that's confirmed when he has the first encounter with some of his classmates. This is the story about a heartbroken high school teacher who falls in love with the father of one of his new students.Sho's life changes radically when he moves from Tokyo to a small town in Chiba. He has lost his routine, his school, his only friend... When Jun asked his boyfriend, Nino, to move in with him he was sure that he had found happiness.Nino was as if he was sent like a present to him, as if they were meant to be together.Noe kort eller generisk vil ikke få deg svar, og alt for lenge betyr at du prøver å komme over som desperat.3 - Finn Common Ground Når du så over deres profil, ingen tvil om du hadde noe til felles så nevne det i e-posten.Hvis det er noe merkelig at dere begge andel i felles, fortelle dem om det.

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